Wickedbone by Cheerble
Dogs chasing Wickedbone
Wickedbone by Cheerble
Wickedbone by Cheerble
Wickedbone by Cheerble
Wickedbone by Cheerble
Wickedbone by Cheerble


41 reviews

World's First Smart & Interactive Dog Toy by Cheerble

All work and no play? That leaves your dog bored, frustrated and anxious. Wickedbone is a good choice! This bone-shaped automatic dog toy that offers your dog the fun, stimulating and exciting exercise that he needs!

It is also a remote control dog toy that you can control by the Wickedbone app. You can not only choose any of the 9 motions to play with your puppy, but also drive it wherever you want and play chase.


  • Interactive mode: auto play;
  • Drive mode: app control;
  • Indoor & outdoor activities;
  • 12 emotional systems;
  • Safe & durable materials;
  • USB rechargeable;
  • Replaceable tires.


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Wickedbone Overview

More Than Just a Bone

Wickedbone is a bone-shaped interactive gaming device that performs like a truly smart, fun and excitingly wicked companion of your dog.

Interactive & Automatic Dog Toy

By built-in 12 types of emotional driven systems, Wickedbone acts responsively to different types of touch, such as chasing, teasing, avoiding, etc.

Have Fun Together with Your Dog

Control Wickedbone using a virtual joystick on the Wickedbone smartphone app (available on IOS and Android).

Wickedbone Specification

Product Name: Cheerble Wickedbone

Model: C1702

Weight: 300 gram (battery Included)

Dimension:151.5 x 64 x 64 mm / 6 x 2.5 x 2.5 inch

Battery: Li-Polymer 470mAh

Operating Temperature: 0-40 C / 32-104 F

Max Speed: 3.5 m/s (11.5 ft/s)

Control Distance: <20 m (65.6 ft.)

Uninterrupted Fun

Wickedbone has 2 modes of operation to fit in your schedule.

Long Battery Life

Charged once for 1h, Wickedbone lasts over 40min in the drive mode, over 4h in the interactive mode and 3m in the sleep mode.

Easy to Clean

Wickedbone‘s detachable tires and protecting cover are very easy to take off, thus could be quickly and conveniently cleaned.

Two-Way communication

Emotional system

App control


Ajustable parameter

Replaceable tires

Two-way communication

Emotional system

App control


Ajustable parameter

Replaceable tires

Wickedbone Support

Download Wickedbone Manual

PDF Format | 1.1 MB

Loved by Instagram Furriends

Summer and her Wickedbone 🐕 🙈

Loving this fun toy, offers my dog another fun way to exercise!

My Kickstarter pledge arrived today, Wickedbone the interactive dog toy

Such a cool bone and having a lot of fun!

Could not be having more fun! 🤣 My dad put it in the interactive mode and let me go!

Mama, open my present already!!! Look how well I'm sitting 😇

I will guard you with my life Wickedbone. @cheerbleofficial 🐶

Happy exercise with the new interactive dog toy - Wickedbone!

Thanks so much to @cheerbleofficial for my wicked new toy!

Still loving the Wickedbone from @cheerbleofficial

😉 Thank you pawrents for getting me this amazing toy with @cheerbleofficial!

Give meeeeee the Wickedbone!!! 🦴

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02 August 2021
areej s.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
Obsessed with this product

My Labrador absolutely loves his WickedBone, and I’m so impressed with the quality - he throws it around, chews it, bites it, and although there are little marks it hasn’t broken. Probably the longest lasting toy he has. Only thing is it doesn’t work outside but that’s fine.

10 July 2021
Domnique G.
I recommend this product
A bit scary to my dog but all good

The smart bone appeared to be over active to my puppy when I gave it to him, but later he adjusted to it. This so called hi-tech bone toy did a good job when I don't feel like walking the dog. It would've been a five star if I didn't buy it at 79 bucks but 69.

10 July 2021

Hi Dominique, Thank you for your comment on the Wickedbone. Just let us know if you want a special discount or cashback for the difference value. Cheers, Cheerble Team

07 January 2021
Caroline S.
United States United States
Not Durable Enough for Med.-Large Dogs with Teeth

My border collie is OBSESSED with this thing. If he sees the box sitting on a table or anything he goes ballistic. Unfortunately, it is not strong enough for him to play with. Within 5 minutes there were many deep teeth marks and the two main plastic pieces where no longer flush because of the damage. I wrapped it in duct tape fora temporary fix and let him play with it for another couple minutes (no more than 5) and he had shattered the screen. Mind you, this was all totally supervised and we were only using the fast functions so he had a harder time picking it up. It is a really cool toy but it’s not ready for larger dogs. If you think your dog could get it’s mouth around the middle of this toy, don’t waste your money. Mine was ruined in less than 10 minutes. I emailed customer service over a week ago but have heard nothing. I resorted to using truck bed liner on it but even that couldn’t make it durable enough. If you have a small dog who couldn’t pick this up easily, it would probably be a great toy!

29 December 2020
Italy Italy
Maybe my dog is just too old

The toy itself is cool, but my dog doesn't seem to want to play with it. He just sits there watching it spin in circles. He is 6 years old and loves chasing balls and is constantly chewing on his kong bears. I think I enjoy this toy more than him, not sure if it's just because of his age. I also think if the bone were completely rubberized it could help a little for durability.

31 October 2020
Sue F.
Canada Canada
He loves it ... now if he would just stop barking

Enzo our 10 month old Miniature Schnauzer loves his Cheerble. He could play with it for hours. We just have one small problem and that is he barks non stop when he is playing with it. It’s a great toy and I would highly recommend it!