About Us

Who we are

Cheerble was founded by a group of 'pawrents' who were passionate about creating new & cool stuff for their pets. In 2017, we discovered that there were rarely any smart products that our fur kids can play with us in the market. Thus, with our strong affection for pets, we started to explore new ways of interaction between pets and their human companions.

After months of research and analysis, we decided to dip a toe into the smart pet gadgets market. Here began the journey of Cheerble, with the vision of only making products that CHEER PETS UP. We always uphold the 'Pet Oriented, Human Oriented' for the purpose, have been committed to making innovative pet products by focusing, thinking, and doing A LITTLE MORE.

What we make

Cheerble has been persisting in the spirit of innovation in the entrepreneurial journey. At the outset, we just made our mind to make something unlike frisbees or fetch balls. Dogs can definitely play with toys that are more tech-forward and more fun, such as a smart bone. This bone-shaped toy can not only auto-play with your puppy by acting responsively to different types of touch but also be controlled and driven by yourself with the app.

Fortunately, the idea of Wickedbone was backed by over 2 thousand pet lovers on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Then we brought out Wicked Ball, Cheerble Board Game, KittySpring Waterer, Ice Cream Ball, and Candy Brush successively during the following years. By January 2020, we had had over 100 thousand pet parents buy their fur kids a 'Cheerble'.

Think a little more for pets, and then make it come true

What we pursue

With constant innovation being the core of the company, we aim to transfer complicated technology into easy-to-use gadgets for pet parents. Building on the ethos of 'form follows function', our products combine trend-setting innovation with dynamic designs.

Cheerble will always keep its curiosity about pets, focusing on solving real-world problems faced by pet parents by utilizing IoT (Internet of Things) technology. The ultimate goal of Cheerble is to be a Cheering Pets Up company by creating things that really improve pets' and their parents' lives. If you have any innovative ideas, we would love to know them as well. Don't hesitate to contact us to explore the possibility of making our pets healthier and happier.