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Unleash the wicked fun for cats and dogs

The Wicked Series by Cheerble revolutionizes pet playtime with its innovative and interactive toys that engage pets effortlessly, and provide endless fun and mental stimulation, fostering joyful bonding moments between pets and owners.

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Wicked Series
Cheerble Wicked Ball is an exciting concept and a rugged, well-designed toy that’s a great option for multi-pet homes.
It's a better bone. The Cheerble Wickedbone relieves your pet’s boredom and frustration through play.
The KittySpring is perhaps the most clean, pristine, and borderline luxurious drinking experience your cat can have.


Inspire Modern Pet Life

At Cheerble, we strive to make pets and their human companions' lives better, more fulfilling, and more connected through technology.


Cheering up Your Pets

By 2023, Cheerble had cheered up over 1 million cats and dogs with our innovative pet products.


Spirit of Innovation

With constant innovation being the core of the company, we aim to transfer complicated technology into easy-to-use gadgets for pet parents.