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KittySpring Combo

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Emerald Green: EU, Canada, Australia, UK

Crystal Clear : EU, Canada, Australia, UK

Glass Edition: EU, Canada, Australia, UK, US

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Buy KittySpring Combo - Glass Edition, Get 1 Free Glass Dish (must add the dish to cart). Offer valid in US, Canada (1 extra water bottle) , UK (1 extra water bottle) & EU (1 extra water bottle).


Most Cat-friendly Water Fountain on Earth

Keep your picky drinker always hydrated with non-electric & whisker-friendly water fountain without having to refresh their bowls. No-filter, no-motor, no-noise water fountain to keep your cat(s) hydrated with clean water every day.

Key Features

  • Include: 1 KittySpring Waterer, 1 Non-slip Pad
  • Large water dish
  • Whisker-friendly
  • Hard to knock over
  • Non-electric & noiseless
  • Built-in stainless steel filter
  • BPA-free material

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Inspired by Nature

Bring nature home to your cat. The ergonomic design makes your cat drink water just like from a natural spring.

Enough Fresh Water Everyday

The water fountain can satisfy cats' daily need for fresh water (420ml) for 2 long days. Now pet parents do not need to refill the water several times a day.

Designed with Comfort-loving Cats in Mind

Each component of the water fountain is designed to combine useful with pleasant and comfortable.

Breakdown of KittySpring pet fountain

Single Size. Right Size.

The water fountain is purrfectly suited for both large cats like me and small kittens.

Fit all sizes of cat to drink water

Package Include

KittySpring pet fountain package include part 1
KittySpring pet fountain package include part 2


KittySpring pet fountain specification

1. What makes KittySpring different than other water fountains?

KittySpring is a non-electric & no-hassle cat fountain. No-filter, no-motor, no-noise glass fountain to keep your cat(s) hydrated with clean water every day.

3. How safe is KittySpring?

It is made of Tritan, ABS, and glass for the bowl. And the shallow dish will keep your cat whiskers safe.

2. How does KittySpring work?

Non-electric, just gravity. It automatically fills up the dish even when cats lick a few of drops.

6. Can KittySpring used by dogs as well?

Yes. But we recommend KittySpring for the use of small breed dogs considering its cat-designed capacity.

5. Is KittySpring easy to knock over by my cat?

No, the base is stable enough to hold cat's push. But we still suggest placing it on the KittySpring non-slip pad just in case.

4. What filter does KittySpring use? How often do I need to replace it?

There is a built-in stainless steel filter in the center of the dish, which keeps water constantly fresh and clean. It is not necessary to replace the stainless steel filter, you may just wash it with a brush while washing the fountain’s dish.

7. What's the relationship between 'KittySpring' and 'Desimore Pet Fountain'

Desimore was the name of the studio who created KittySpring, which has been acquired by Cheerble. Now we use the name - KittySpring more often.

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